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College Search Kick Start

Lets get started! Together we'll:

  • Complete a series of guided and independent worksheets

  • Identify your strengths and preferences

  • Explore available options

  • Develop a preliminary list of colleges to explore further

College Planning Package

College Search Kick Start plus:

  • Custom college planning calendar

  • High school course plan review

  • Testing plan

  • Application checklist

  • College selection spreadsheet

  • College success plan

Athletic Package

College Planning Package plus:

  • Athletic fit investigation

  • Eligibility review

  • Coach communication tracking

  • Unofficial and official visit plan

HS Seniors: Hourly Help

Call or email to learn about hourly rates for:

  • Pre-submission app. review

  • Comparing offers of financial aid

  • Final decision guidance

Other Paths

Are you thinking that the traditional path may not be for you? Let's explore:

  • Gap or Service Year

  • Outdoor education

  • Trade schools

  • Apprenticeships

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