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Sea Change Helps

Students and Parents

List Creation

Beginning with guided surveys that promote self-awareness, we help students find colleges that fit. We look for colleges that are a good fit academically, socially and financially. Our goal is to help students identify and focus on what is important to them and use that to make a list of 5-8 colleges to which they will apply.

Planning and

We help students make a plan and schedule the tasks necessary for the college application process. Planning tasks may include testing, high school and community college course selection, and college visits. Sea Change becomes the project manager, helping the student to meet deadlines and create college applications that reflect, in the most complete way possible, the student and her/his accomplishments.


When offers of admission arrive, we help students navigate the decision-making process. We help to organize the information on which the decision will ultimately be based. We guide families in deciphering offers of financial aid and we support the student through the scholarship application process.


For some students, college may not be the best-fit path. Sea Change can help you explore alternatives. Some examples are a gap year, a service year, trade /technical schools or apprenticeships.


When the Bachelor's degree is nearing completion or in the rear-view mirror, Sea Change can help with the next step. Whether it is a Master's degree, a PhD, or a professional degree that you seek, we will help you find programs that fit, understand grad school funding and financial aid, time your application correctly and craft a compelling personal statement.


Whether you are a traditional college-bound high school student, an athlete, planning a transfer, or applying to graduate school, one of our packages will provide the help that you need…

Basic Package

The a-la-carte package lets you choose the specific areas where you need help. We provide 10 hours of college planning focused in any of the areas listed above.

Comprehensive Package

The comprehensive package includes help in all of our service areas for up to 35 hours of college planning; unlimited calls, emails and texts; and an account on our student portal including extensive research and organizational tools.

Hourly Help - As Needed

At Sea Change, we understand the desire of some families for college planning help on an as-needed basis. Call (805) 748-2579 to learn about our hourly rates.

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