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Virtual College Planning

While there is value in meeting in person, Sea Change College Consulting is fully equipped to serve our clients online. Skype, Zoom, or a FaceTime call provides the face-to-face connection that is so essential to understanding our clients’ wants and needs, as well as imparting the knowledge and expertise that we at Sea Change possess.


With most people practicing physical separation during the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to reassure our clients and potential clients that Sea Change is available and ready to help you undertake or continue the college planning process. All of our student and family meetings are now virtual and Laura continues to be available for email, phone and text interactions as well.

Check out our Resources page for links to college admissions modifications and information related to COVID-19.

Sea Change Tools

At Sea Change, we use pdf fill-in surveys and worksheets, online assessment tools, and Google Docs & Sheets to share and exchange information. Our process is fully digital when necessary.

Questions About Our Process?

Give Laura a call at (805) 748-2579.

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