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A few Sea Change students and parents talk about their experiences:

Our daughter is a high achieving student and is involved in many extracurricular activities. The thought of figuring out the best University for her to attend was daunting. That is why we chose Laura to guide us in this process. She worked with our daughter with patience and clear goals which took all the pressure off of us as parents. This resulted in a fantastic outcome and confident decision about the college she’ll be attending!

C.G. & B.G., Kansas City, MO, 2023

"I will tell literally all of my junior friends about you and how much you helped!! And my mom will tell all of their parents :)"

S.N., Morro Bay High School '22

attending UC Berkeley

"...the set-up of all of our meetings and the website really took a lot of pressure off of the initial stress that I felt about the college application process. Right away, I felt more confident and secure about the path I was on. Honestly, I don't think I would have a good idea of what I wanted to do in college and where I wanted to go if it weren't for the meetings with Laura.

E.M., San Luis Obispo HIgh School '21

attending University of Oregon

"Laura helped my 2 kids find the right college fit for their aspirations and our budget. They have different personalities, interests, academic situations, and challenges. Laura was able to draw out the best of each one and motivate them through the process. They landed on options that were both realistic (academically and financially) as well as exciting. They are now thrilled with their final choices and say that I 'struck gold' when I found Laura for them. As a parent, I couldn't agree more."

J.A.S., San Mateo, CA, 2023

"Laura at Sea Change not only made my college application process more pleasant and stress-free, but helped me to grow as an individual and better understand my personal strengths and desires. Because of Laura's devotion, knowledge, and enthusiastic spirit, I have grown into a more communicative, confident, and organized young adult. Laura's support and genuine care for my future as a prospective student-athlete opened my eyes to new perspectives and opportunities when choosing the perfect college fit. I am incredibly grateful for Laura and could not have imagined this process without her assistance!" 

A.W., Templeton High School '17

UC Davis '22

"Laura at Sea Change was a tremendous help while I was completing my college applications. Her student specific approach and infectious enthusiasm relieved a lot stress from the process. Laura considers all the factors of different schools and is passionate about finding the perfect fit for you. If you are a prospective university student, I highly recommend Laura and Sea Change!”

S.D., SLO High School '17

UCSB '21

My son was anxious about the whole college selection and application process. Laura was just what he needed.  She was patient and really took the time to listen and figure out what he wanted.  She was there every step of the way and really turned what was a dreadful process for our son into an exciting one.  He is now thriving in his second year of college.  I would recommend Laura to any family that is looking to remove the stress and anxiety of the college admissions process.

“Laura Penvenne at Sea Change helped our son narrow down the schools that fit him best, and then helped him complete the application process in a very organized and efficient manner. She focused on what his strengths and interests were and tailored her meetings with him to meet his special needs. 

She created some extremely helpful spreadsheets with timelines and college specifics that eased the decision making process for our son and motivated him to follow through on all his application deadlines. Laura stands out because she has a holistic approach and she deeply and wholeheartedly cares about her young clients. After effortlessly establishing a great rapport with them, she proceeds to help each individual student arrive at the best colleges that fit their strengths and goals. 


We highly recommend Laura and Sea Change!”

"Thank you again for all of the support and guidance you have shown me over the past year.  The admission and decision processes went very smoothly thanks to your help, and through your counseling I am 100% sure that I made the right choice on the school I will be attending."

K.H., SLO High School '18

attending Humboldt State

K.H., San Luis Obisop, CA

"This is an outstanding program for any student (and family) who needs help navigating the complex choices faced in selecting the right college/university ... from high school, community college, or otherwise. [Laura] helped our daughter identify, select, and apply to a good number of schools. Once done, she helped our daughter obtain financial aid packages and choose the best fit. It was an excellent choice. Our daughter is happy and thriving in her junior year of college. We highly recommend [Sea Change] without reserve."

B.M., Desert Hot Springs, CA

“Laura Penvenne did a top-notch job with our daughter on her college applications. Our daughter was offered admission to all three of her top choices… [Laura] has a wealth of knowledge about not only the process of college applications, but also about the schools themselves. She encouraged our daughter to apply for some schools she thought were good matches, often schools that we might never have thought of. Furthermore, Laura was able to do what many parents can't – give objective feedback to a child without any emotional baggage… we recommend her services whole heartedly.”

J.F. & V.F., Los Osos, CA

"I GOT INTO PENN - Life Science and Management. Thank you so much for all your help, I really couldn't have done this without you! "

A.S., Lambert HS, GA '20

attending University of Pennsylvania

I am so pleased that we proceeded with Sea Change College Consulting. It was not only a pleasure for me to know that [our daughter] was on track for college applications, but it was also a pleasure for her to interact with Laura. I'm not sure how Laura does it, but she has a way with these students that helps them feel at ease and less stressed about this process while feeling comfortable with talking about schools and their future. [Our daughter] felt motivated to attend each meeting with Laura and complete her to-do items in between meetings. I actually felt like she came out of the meetings feeling happier in general. Laura’s dedication and interest in our daughter comes through in each interaction and meeting. She is invested in these students and their future. I can't thank Laura enough!

A.B., Arroyo Grande, CA, 2021

"Thank you so much Laura! I could not have accomplished so much without you. This was one of the most informative and helpful investments my family could have made this year."

V.D., Pacific Collegiate School '21 

L.W. & K.D., Los Osos, CA

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